Technician Job Requirements

Candidates aspiring to become a technician are required to pursue a course in repair techniques from an accredited technical institute. Many employers also demand some work experience along with the relevant educational qualification. Technicians are required to work with different technical tools and equipment’s and handle a number of tasks including troubleshooting the computer hardware parts, software systems and even different electrical appliances depending upon their specialization. Apart from the educational qualification a technician also requires certain skills which are mentioned below in detail.

Education Requirements

  • A High School Diploma is the minimum requirement
  • Attending a course in Repair Techniques from an accredited technical institute helps in attaining this position
  • One may undergo an associate’s degree specializing in the installation, maintenance and repair work of computer, its peripherals and other electronic devices and components.
  • One may also go for advanced courses in this field in order to acquire this position and grow further in this field. These may be acquired from a vocational or technical institute.

Job Requirements

  • A candidate applying for the position of a technician must have thorough knowledge of various technical procedures in order to handle the assigned tasks efficiently.
  • Candidate must be skilled in making use of different technical equipments for maintaining and repairing the computer systems and other electronic devices.
  • It is essential to have an eye for detail for performing the technical tasks appropriately.
  • Candidate should have good observation skills in order to figure out the technical issues.
  • Candidate must be able to analyze the problem quickly and find solution.
  • Candidate aiming to become a technician must have the ability to deal with different clients.
  • It is essential to have the ability to work in association with the other professionals mainly the technical staff.
  • Candidate should be patient enough to handle the technical issues as resolving some of these may involve a lot of time and energy.

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