Travel Agent Job Requirements

Travel agents are responsible for conducting tours to various domestic and international destination(s) for their client.

Their work is to ensure accomplishment of smooth tour of their client within a particular budget. Hence, they must have extensive knowledge about tourism and travel facilities available for a particular destination.

In order to accomplish the work of a travel agent efficiently, tours and travel companies generally look for candidates with following requisites.

Education Requirements

  • Though no formal education is required for this job position but a graduation degree in any subject is mandatory for this job position. Candidates with bachelor’s degree in hospitality, hotel management and travel and tourism generally receive preferences.
  • Certifications on field of travel and tourism, hospitality and hotel management is highly required in order to progress in this field.
  • Knitty-gritty of the job learns through internship or training experiences are counted as one of the prime requisites for this job position.
  • Fluency in foreign language can provide an extra edge to the candidate during seeking a job of a travel agent.
  • Basic computer education is highly essential for this job position.

Job Requirements

  • Candidates with strong communication skills both (oral and written) are essential. This is considered as one of the important skill in travel and tourism industry as one needs to communicate with customers of diverse culture.
  • Candidate should also be commercially aware of various tour packages.
  • The job seeker must also have the potential of attracting customers with special deal in tour. This would in turn help the company to propagate and meet sales target.
  • Good interpersonal skill is highly desirable for this job position.

Apart from this, a travel agent is considered to be efficient if he or she is competent enough for advising and guiding the customers in order to make their tour hassle-free.

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