VET Assistant Job Requirements

VET assistants are those professionals who help the veterinary doctors in carrying out various medical procedures. Veterinary doctors perform medical treatments on the animals undergoing medical problems and the VET assistants assist them in these treatments.

There are a number of other tasks that are assigned to VET assistants; these include providing appointments to the clients, preparing medical papers, ensuring that the clinic is kept clean and tidy at all times, helping in the maintenance of medical equipments, sterilizing the medical equipments before and after use. The position of a VET Assistant is that of great responsibility and he is thus expected to be alert while performing the assigned duties.

Education Requirements

  • The very first requirement is to take up science subject during the high school and attain high school diploma with good grades.
  • Post having attained good grades at the high school level the candidate should seek admission in veterinary assistant position at an accredited college.
  • Though many employers provide on-the-job training and do not ask for candidates having attended any formal course in the subject.

Job Requirements

  • VET assistant is expected to be vigilant since he cannot afford to make any mistake especially while assisting the doctors during medical surgeries and other procedures.
  • VET assistant needs to have a thorough knowledge about the medical terminology and procedures used for performing treatments on the animals.
  • VET assistant is required to have good observational skills.
  • VET assistant must have active listening skills.
  • VET assistant must have the ability to follow instructions given by the others.
  • VET assistant is required to be skilled in working in coordination with the others.
  • VET assistant must have good communication skills as he is required to speak with the pet owners who visit them for medical assistance.
  • VET assistant should have complete knowledge about working with the medical equipments used for the treatment of animals.

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