Veterinary Technician Job Requirements

Veterinary technicians provide assistance to vets or animal doctors in the process of treatment of animals which may be in animal hospitals, clinics or in any other research facility.

People are often attracted to this post due to their love for animals.Generally it is a great humanitarian job which is concerned about providing emotional support to suffering animals.

The technicians play the role of a nurse in hospital thereby extending regular check up of animal health and consulting doctor in case of any serious issue. They also administer anesthetic procedures and monitor the health status of the animal post anesthesia.

They take X-rays and perform various medical laboratory tests to understand the disease and place the reports to the doctors for further diagnosis.

Educational Requirements:

  • Candidates must possess college degree preferably in the stream of Veterinary Technology.
  • It is preferable if a candidate bears CVT license.
  • Must have undergone through practical training in Veterinary Technology.
  • Diploma in the relevant discipline would be an added advantage.

Job Requirements:

  • The candidate must love animals to work in this post.
  • The candidate should be ready to on rotational shift and even longer at times of emergency.
  • The candidate should have the ability to work in a team as well as individually coordinating the clinical process.
  • The applicant should have good communication skills and should be well versed in the local language.
  • The candidate should have profound knowledge about the various instruments used in the surgical procedures and should be able to prepare operation theatres at emergency.
  • A candidate with pleasant personality and with caring and responsible nature would be given a preference.
  • The candidate must have knowledge about various medical processes of animals.

Thus the candidate should possess the above given education and job requirements in order to work in the job post of veterinary technician.

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