Web Developer Job Requirements

A web developer is an individual who specializes in developing websites or web based tools for clients or for internal use of the organization. They usually work in coordination with project managers, members of the design team and strategists in order to develop specifications and also recommend new technologies.

The usual job duties of a web developer are to do programming, graphic designing and administering the database. Sometimes a web developer may have to attend client meetings in order to understand the need of the clients and take notes of the client requirements. They will also have to come up with the estimate of a project and number of expertise required.

Education Requirements

  • Some employers prefer candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • The applicant must undergo a course in web design and networking
  • It is an added advantage if the bachelor’s course includes programming, mathematics and data base management
  • A certification in Web development system and software is also beneficial
  • An individual with a degree in software engineering can also aspire to be a web developer
  • It is an added advantage if the individual has an Apprenticeship in IT
  • An individual can also pursue a Diploma in Multimedia Art and Design

Job Requirements

  • The individual must possess skills in software programming
  • It is necessary to have knowledge about graphic designing
  • The candidates must have the ability to pick up new techniques
  • Should be adaptable in nature
  • Must have excellent communication skills.
  • Has the capability to finish work within tight deadlines
  • Excellent coordination skills is necessary
  • Must be aware of international web standards and protocols
  • Should possess ability to do multi tasking

Thus the above given education and job requirements helps to know the job profile of a web developer in a better way.

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